Bhiner cart F.A.Q

What is "Submit quote(s)"?

Quote is a function which helps clients to confirm the price and seller status.Most of the agents in market force you to pay for the items before contact the sellers, and once the items was sold out or seller are not able to ship out the items,you have to charge back the fee you have paid.

After you 'quoted' some items,our customer service team will contact the sellers in the shopping platform to verify the availability of the items.In case the item was sold out, our team will mark that item as 'rejected' with the rejected reason marked next to it.

How long does my quote being process?

Submitted quotes will be confirmed in 1 working day. Once completed we will notify you via email and Bhiner message. Quotes submitted after 4:30pm (China time) will be confirmed on next working day

Why my items got rejected?

Items will got rejected with following reasons :

  • No response from seller
  • The seller credit and reputation is too low
  • The item is out of stock
  • Options you picked for the item were no longer available
  • Banned for brand issue

If the cases above do not suit your situation, you can still raise an enquiry with the 'ask question' button for reason.

What is re-quote?

'Re-quote' share the same functionality with 'Submit quote', but re-quote is specified for items got rejected.

Can I checkout without quote?

Members are able to checkout items without submit quotes, but we still suggest you to quote items before checkout.

Anyway, if selected item is out of stock or not available, we will refund the item cost plus service fee to your bhiner account balance.

What is domestic shipping fee?

Domestic shipping fee is the shipping fee for sellers to send the items to Bhiner's China warehouse. Thats why domestic shipping fee will only charge once per seller in a single checkout.

Can I combind cart item in to existing order?

Yes, you can simply follow the normal checkout out process, during the shipping option selection. Check combind order , you may now pick any order to combind.(Only if the order still in Bhiner)

Maximum quote count

To be fair among all Bhiner member, each time you only can have 100 on-going quote in process, and a maximum amount of 200 confirmed quotes. We suggest you to quote the items you really like it first, and remove those unwanted confirmed items.

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